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Find your Fit

Our Denim
Here’s the deal. Brands that “pre-wash” jeans are simply laundering the life right out of them. We give our dungarees a single wash and let you log the miles yourself. Be patient with the fit. Our dungarees don’t “shrink-to-fit.” They settle in. Over time they’ll become about ½” smaller in the waist and about ½” to ¾” shorter in the inseam.

Our Sizes
We’re a workwear company for everyone. We have more size combinations and odd size options than just about any other brand. When ordering, please keep the following in mind:

  • General Fit: Our dungarees will feel big at first. Don’t panic. Over time and several washes, they’ll settle in and fit just right. Resist the urge to size down, unless you’re going for a fitted look. Read the “Our Denim” section for more information.
  • Length: Our dungarees run long. We did this on purpose. Drafty ankles suck on a cold and windy day. If they feel way too long though, remember they’ll shrink about ½” to ¾” in the inseam over time. Size down if that’s not enough

  • Waist: We DO recommend sizing down here. Typically wear a 36x36? Order a 34x36.

  • Legs: We designed our workwear with style in mind. You won’t find billowing heaps of fabric in the legs. They’re not tailored, but definitely straight. If you like your dungarees extra-snug, go ahead and size down.